The Stories

  • CNET

    Sarah Mitroff

    "Harman's Audio Augmented Reality lowers your headphone's volume when someone calls your name: CES 2016"

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  • MIT Tech Review

    Rachel Metz

    "In hopes of making these calls better-sounding and much more useful, companies ranging from big wireless carriers to scrappy startups are now working on improvements like network upgrades, better microphones, and apps."

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  • Scientific American

    Elena Malykhina

    "Change is happening slowly but there are promising new technologies are on the horizon. Start-up Cypher Corp. has built an artificial intelligence engine that analyzes the unique quality of the human voice that distinguishes it from other noises. , better microphones, and apps."

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  • VMIG

    Alexander Bangulaks

    "At the MWC in Barclona I learned about this amazing noise cancealtion technology from cypher! It blocks out all background noise when you make a call with your smartphone :)"

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  • CNET

    Ben Fox Rubin

    "...voice quality hasn't improved at the pace of the rest of a smartphone. This predicament led Consumer Reports to declare in May that making phone calls on these devices "still sucks."

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  • Fox News

    James Rogers

    "...slash background noise by 99 percent and boost audio quality by 20 percent. The software certainly performed well when it was recently tested by FoxNews.com.

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  • Gizmodo

    Rob Sorokanich

    "...it sounded as if he was stepping in and out of the world's quietest library: Construction noise, loud music, and reversing trucks all disappeared..."

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  • Toms Guide

    Cherlynn Low

    "After he turned the software on (and did not speak for awhile), the call went so quiet that I thought I had gotten disconnected. As he continued to speak again, I could mostly hear only his voice."

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The Awards

The Announcements

  • Cisco

    Cypher Delivers Voice Isolation to Cisco's VoIP Service

    Cypher and Cisco Collaborate to Deliver Breakthrough Background Noise Reduction for Cisco's Instant Connect Solution

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  • Fierce Wireless

    Cypher Named to the Fierce 15

    FierceWireless Selects Cypher Corp. as a "Fierce 15" Startup Company for 2015

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  • Gartner

    Cool Vendors 2015 Human Machine Interface

    Cypher Named a 2015 Cool Vendor for Human-Machine Interface by Leading Analyst Firm Gartner

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  • CEVA

    Cypher running in CEVA DSP Environments

    Cypher Partners with CEVA to Offer Innovative Noise Reduction Solution for Mobile, Wearables and Voice-activated Devices

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